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From Figuration,
To Post-Impressionism, To Abstraction

Heir of the Humanistic Culture,
Painter of Landscapes of the Soul

Intellectual, Writer, and
Special Journalist of the UN

A Public Figure, a Woman Beyond
the Boundary of Her Time

Mosaicist and Author
of Major Public Works in Northern Africa

Nenne Sanguineti Poggi An Artist Without Borders

It would not be far from the truth to say that painter Nenne Sanguineti Poggi captured, as no other artist has, the essence and the soul of her beloved Ethiopia and Eritrea. Her artwork on this favorite subject of hers spans over 70 years of experience; she has portrayed in an unparalleled fashion the people, the nature, the beliefs and the religions of those countries; and she has left behind precious images of a world that in many ways has been rapidly disappearing.

Described for a while as the painter of Emperor Haile Sellassie’, her prolific brush and her outstanding public works in mosaics and ceramics were well known well beyond East Africa and admired in the neighboring Orient, in Europe as well as the United States. This site, built on the wake of her recent death to commemorate the end of her 103rd year, offers a broad, although still very incomplete, review of her works and of the beauty and creative depth that she left behind, vibrant testimonials of her inner life; and presents a gallery of the artwork still available for enjoyment and for purchase.


Portrait by Mimma Gambetta

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Francesco Parisi
curator Italian collection
(011 39) 348 775 2276

Deborah Sanguineti
curator, USA collection
(001) (914) 844-0790


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